Re: laxatives, bowel movements, etc.

From: Karen Kaplan (
Tue Feb 15 06:58:03 2000

Tara: Good morning - I have a major pain LLP this a.m. too, but I know it's adhesions since the colonoscopy showed diverticuli in this spot and that's where the bleeding started after they reoved my left ovary which had been densely adhered to my small and large intestines. Have you tried prunes, Mylicon for the gas and stool softener? Sennakot, though natural, can be irritating, and not a good idea to take so much. Do you have a GI doctor? I find they are much better at discussing ARD. My thoughts are with you as you try to get satisfaction from your doctors. Karen

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> At Tue, 15 Feb 2000, Tara S wrote:
> >
> >I know - I don't know what to do. I keep calling my dr's office - and
> >they'll "get back to me". So, what now?? Still no relief. In the past
couple > >of days, I've put myself on a clear liquid diet (I've been given it
before, > >in the hospital) for a few days, to see if it helps, both with bowel
> >movements and with the pain, but so far, no luck. It's getting so bad
now - > >and the people I work with - and for - have been so good, but how long
can > >it last?? I was out for 2 1/2 weeks, and since then I've been on light
duty > >(almost 2 weeks), and they can't keep me on when I've nearly useless.
> >
> >Everyone I see looks at me as if I've grown a second head and asks if I'm
> >okay - and of course, I'm not. (God, typing this is so hard!! I have to
back > >up for almost every letter!)
> Hi, I was fine when I signed in today, and as I was pulling up the IAS I
> have just gotten over a MAJOR hard pain on the left lower pelvis. I
> take it a Major gas pain. It lasted long enough to think about calling
> 911, but it has subsided. I only wish I would have taken this senekot
> and felt like this yesterday, I did tell my gyn I find the pain worse
> after stimulating the bowel, well it is coming back!
> I know it is from the laxatives now!
> Talk later,
> Toni
> >
> >They've given me nothing for pain - so I just live with it. But after
work, > >I sometimes have a beer or two (it doesn't take much), and it helps.
> >Probably a bad idea in the long run, but since it's only once every week
or > >two, then I don't feel so bad about it. Besides, the few times I have
been > >given pain meds, all they did was make me nauseous and stupid, without
even > >dulling the pain.
> >
> >I just wish someone would call me back - or something! (Please excuse me
if > >this seems a bit disjointed - I've had 1 1/2 beers - like I said, it
doesn't > >take much!)
> >
> >Nobody worry - I don't drink often. It's actually quite rare - but this
> >morning I really needed it. I had to work, which meant some walking and
alot > >of driving - and those seats in the trucks are awfully uncomfortable.
They > >make me bend where my body doesn't want to!
> >
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> >That is the same with me Tara, the mucous is disgusting. Don't you just
> >love trying to explain all this. I too, have not really had a bowel
> >movement for about a week now, I just cannot even go anymore without a
> >laxative, and when I do go after a lax, it hurts me even more. I cannot
> >even stand the pain after a laxative anymore, I have to take them tho to
> >go, they have not worked in the past week tho!
> >
> >They usaully do after 6-7 senkot, and the pain clinic said that is alot
> >of senekot to take all the time. What are we supposed to do to go?
> >
> >Toni

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