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From: Bernie and Beverly Doucette (
Tue Feb 15 11:08:08 2000


My humiliation comes from the fact that I have a urostomy that is surrounded by a very huge hernia. Because of this I am unable to achieve a good seal to my urostomy appliance and leak urine constantly. It is very embarassing to go out in public. If it weren't for all of this I would live with the hernia.

To everyone that has been waiting to hear from me or Bev (she asked me to handle things while she was on vacation) I apologize...I had a hypertensive crisis and spent the weekend in icu. Things are somewhat better now, but I will not be able to spend as much time on the computer.


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> Karla,
> I do understand the desperation that you feel. It is your life, you know
> what you can tolerate/live with and what you can't. But I am not sure I
> understand why this surgery for you is going to be different from the
> others. You mention the humiliation of everything else. I'm not sure I
> understand what is causing you humiliation.
> Are you having to have surgery for abdominal hernias? If so, you really
> don't have much choice but to have the hernias repaired. They can be
> life-threatening, so it would be much better for you to have the surgery
> before it becomes a life threatening surgical event. So I certainly do
> understand and would probably do the same thing if I were in your shoes. I
> do not have hernias as a problem. I know that adhesions can cause
> obstructions which can be life-threatening, but statistics show that a
> person can have adhesions for very long periods of time before an
> obstruction will occur. (17 years was the last statistic I saw). But
> hernias, are a horse of a different color.
> I wish you the best, keep us all up to date on your situation. We will all
> be anxious to hear how you do, and pray that no more hernias occur!
> Tina

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