Re: Karla N-surgery vs no surgery

From: Tina Shelby (
Tue Feb 15 14:21:07 2000


I am so sorry you are having such a hard time right now. I understand about the urostomy and certainly see why surgery would be a better option for you right now. I hope you are doing better and please let us know how you are doing.


At 12:10 PM 2/15/00 -0600, you wrote: >Tina,
>My humiliation comes from the fact that I have a urostomy that is surrounded
>by a very huge hernia. Because of this I am unable to achieve a good seal
>to my urostomy appliance and leak urine constantly. It is very embarassing
>to go out in public. If it weren't for all of this I would live with the
>To everyone that has been waiting to hear from me or Bev (she asked me to
>handle things while she was on vacation) I apologize...I had a hypertensive
>crisis and spent the weekend in icu. Things are somewhat better now, but I
>will not be able to spend as much time on the computer.

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