Karen CBC Lymph count

From: Tina Shelby (tshelby@usit.net)
Tue Feb 15 14:21:05 2000


Hct. stands for Hematocrit. It is part of the red blood cell count. The word means-to separate blood. Basically it tells what the percentages of red blood cells in a volume of whole blood.

Karen, yours could have been elevated before surgery due to being dehydrated. Your Hct. would have been down after surgery due to the blood loss associated with surgical procedures. As long as your Hct. was coming back up after surgery and was not at or below 30%, then there was no reason to worry. Another common cause of a decreased hct. is anemia.

I hope this helps


At 07:51 AM 2/15/00 -0600, you wrote: >Helen,
>My Lymphocyte test from when I was in the hospital was low when I had a high
>fever for two days after surgery.
>Lymphocyte normal is 15-40%, mine was 9-13%
>WBC (White Blood count?) normal: 4-11 uL, mine was 11.9 - 16 uL
>Neutrophils normal 40-80%, mine was 82-86%
>No ESR test.
>Does anyone know what HCT is? Mine was high before my surgery and low when
>they stopped checking 48 hours after surgery.

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