Re: What does it take to get adhesion-related disease (ARD) recognized as a disease?

From: Karen Kaplan (
Tue Feb 15 14:28:37 2000

Helen: Me too. I finally emailed to suggest they add ARD under diseases and conditions. I believe they email with their answer, so will let you know. Gary Null has a new book out on Women's Health - big book - not one single entry on ARD in the index nor any mention under infertility. Merck Manual also - no entry in index, but they at least discuss it quite well under bowel obstruction. I believe the way to get official designation is through the medical boards, and I suspect the gastroenterologists will be the first to do so. Do you want to write them? I am still backed up dealing with all my formal complaints and work. Plus today, I woke up with a terrible pain lower left pelvis & groin. I thought my appt with Dr REich was today, but called before I left & discovered it is tomorrow. By then I had taken 500 mg aspirin at 11. At noon, I was running a fever, then chills. no appetite. Went to see my PCP instead & am now having CATscan #3 tomorrow to see if it's diverticulitis. He has always been careful to include adhesions as the potential problem in this spot, where the bleeding ended my surgery. Prior to this, it only hurt in this location when waste passed. 568 is the diagnostic code for peritoneal adhesions, and I think there are others, but at least the GIs acknowledge it.

I really believe this is the surgeon's dirty secret. If they actually discussed it as part of the informed consent, I bet fewer people would opt for certain types of surgery. It's like what the malpractice lawyer said to me last week - paraphrase: no doctor will testify against another about ARD because it opens a BIG can of worms.

So much to do - does anyone remember when they didn't tell you you had endometriosis unless you were trying to get pregnant? Karen

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> As I have visited the many forums on the Internet and as I have read
> about other diseases/disorders in books, I have often thought:
> "Why isn't adhesion-related disorder also listed as a disease/disorder?"
> What does it take to get adhesion-related disease (ARD) recognized as a
> disease/disorder too?

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