another bad day

From: toni welsh (
Tue Feb 15 22:06:27 2000

I am still up, I usually go to bed with my husband, at least I lay by him, our sex life is NILL! I have asked a couple posts today about the kinds of terrible pain trying to move the bowels I had today.

I have not been able to eat a lot either, since the abdomen has been so sore. This is only the third time the pain acted up in the way it did today.

Has anyone else noticed this happening to you, were I explained that the rectum would not let the stool to pass out, it was a major pain, and the pressure was there that the stool was there and I needed to get it out, It finally did afteer I tried a fleet suppository and I still had trouble getting it tp pass. But when it finally did the stool came out and this went on for over an hour and ahalf, I nearly had to call 911 it got so bad.

After that I did what I had to do with my dad, and when I came home from there I was sitting watching a talk show, and I got up and then I had another strong urge, and the first time it was alot of mucous, and the next time it was just alittle diarreha. I have not had this alot, not the severe pressure like that that makes me want to call 911, or go to the ER! I was going there next! That was AWFUL!

I was telling my husband I think I am ready to just call the gyn, so he can talk to the general surgeon, and he and I can go to him and ask questions, before I decide to do anything first! I lost another 5 lbs now, and I am down to 90 lbs now I was not able to eat anything today!

This surgeron does use seprafilm instead of Interceed, the gyn used that during all the surgeries he did on me, the old gyn from years ago, never used anything! As long as these two drs will work together like the gyn said I will be better about it! All of a sudden I have gotten a terrible fear of not coming out of surgery, and never once over the 6 month period I have 2 laparotomies and one lap, was I ever scared! Just wan to feel better! Love you all, toni

I think I will call the gyn tomorrow, and I am going to go to my GI dr the 23rd and tell him about the pain I have been having like this morn, that is new to me.

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