Re: another bad day

Wed Feb 16 20:12:43 2000

Toni, I had that happen o me twice with the bowel movements like you describe. I have taken Correctol for over 15 years, am probably dependent on them now, but they are the only thing that works for me. They cause cramping so I try to use two Correctol and two Correctol Stool softeners. Then I try to work back to just the stool softeners. One time I had gone four days with no BM and took 5 Correctol and had an incidence like you described. When it finally came out I bled, bright red blood. Scared me to death. Then the diarrhea started and everytime I went I bled for almost two days. I went to the gastro doctor and he said that I had let it bud up too much and then the waste got to big to pass because the bowel was restricted by adhesions and to pass it I actually ripped my rectal wall. That is where the blood came from. Had to have a colonoscopy and everything. Turned out that it healed it self and all was well, but he told me never to let it go so long again then try to "force it out". I take three tablespoons of mineral oil per day and use the stool softeners and Correctol only if necessary now and it seems to be working, however I haven't eaten solid food for six weeks, due to bowel obstructions. I am due for surgery next week and dreading it, but have no choice. Good luck to you, as I know your pain, but get to a good gastro doctor and try different diets and maybe you can find one that works better for you. Not much immediate help, I know, but I tried. Take care, Ginni

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