mineral vs flaxseed oil

From: Karen Kaplan (kkaplan@eclipse.net)
Thu Feb 17 05:04:37 2000

I recommend flaxseed oil instead of mineral oil. Flaxseed oil (health food store) really helps promote natural peristalsis of bowel & has nutritional benefits while I think mineral oil can actually interfere with absorption of some nutrients. Karen

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> Toni,
> I had that happen o me twice with the bowel movements like you describe.
I > have taken Correctol for over 15 years, am probably dependent on them now,
> but they are the only thing that works for me. They cause cramping so I
try > to use two Correctol and two Correctol Stool softeners. Then I try to
work > back to just the stool softeners. One time I had gone four days with no
BM > and took 5 Correctol and had an incidence like you described. When it
> finally came out I bled, bright red blood. Scared me to death. Then the
> diarrhea started and everytime I went I bled for almost two days. I went
to > the gastro doctor and he said that I had let it bud up too much and then
the > waste got to big to pass because the bowel was restricted by adhesions and
to > pass it I actually ripped my rectal wall. That is where the blood came
from. > Had to have a colonoscopy and everything. Turned out that it healed it
self > and all was well, but he told me never to let it go so long again then try
to > "force it out". I take three tablespoons of mineral oil per day and use
the > stool softeners and Correctol only if necessary now and it seems to be
> working, however I haven't eaten solid food for six weeks, due to bowel
> obstructions. I am due for surgery next week and dreading it, but have no
> choice. Good luck to you, as I know your pain, but get to a good gastro
> doctor and try different diets and maybe you can find one that works
better > for you. Not much immediate help, I know, but I tried. Take care, Ginni

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