dairy products

From: Robyne Hinks (rhinks@eisa.net.au)
Thu Feb 17 03:51:45 2000

I am just wondering if any body else gets very colonic after having dairy foods.My dietitician has said that when people have parts of their bowel removed they can often have intolerance to some foods which they have always eaten before.Apparently the pancreas makes most enzymes that digest the foods and these enzxymes have particular areas of the bowel where they reside and digest the food group that they are for.If that part of the bowel is removed you become intolerant.This can be forever or until that enzyme finds another part of the bowl to reside in.I have found that dairy products give me very severe colic and diarrhorea.You have to be very careful as there are milk solids in a wide range of food,e.g. even bought pasta,tinned and bottled baby food,cake mixes,tinned sphagetti and baked beans,etc.I have been on all soy products for quite some time now and apart from bowel blockages I have been much better in the coloic department. Robyne

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