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From: Tara S (
Thu Feb 17 06:51:44 2000

Toni, I had a defacography. This is part of the message I sent out the day after it was done, trying to describe it (easier than typing it all out): "For anyone who hasn't had this done before, it means you have barium injected into your rectum, then you sit on a tall toilet with the x-ray table positioned vertically beside you and a camera of sorts on the other side. There is a monitor where the dr can see your insides. Then you have to "squeeze" (like Kegels), relax, and then push as hard as possible - whichever the dr asks for. He's watching the monitor to see the barium, how it moves, how the muscles move, etc. He takes several stills of certain movements he finds significant. The dr spoke to me immediately afterward (while I was still perched on top of this "throne"), explaining to me what he saw, and how it should be vs. how it really was. One thing that I'll never forget is the way he said, several times,"Well, you're not normal!" Apparently, there is some intussusception, also some rectocele, but there are alot of other things going on that are not so easily explained. He pointed out to me where the rectum was (kind of all spread out on the anterior side - for some reason!). He also showed me that, basically, all my guts moved downwards when I pushed - and they aren't supposed to. --SNIP- Anyway, I found out they finally got the results yesterday. And of course, he's now out of town. So, Monday I go in for another visit. However, I don't have the $15 co-pay. I bet they won't just bill me for it - and I'll have to reschedule. But I'll try!


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At Wed, 16 Feb 2000, Tara S wrote: >
>Well yesterday afternoon, I called my dr's office to see if they had any
>word for me. The results of the defacography STILL haven't shown up! They
>also got around to telling me that they had to be mailed as my dr's office
>doesn't have a digital hook-up with the hospital where the defacography
was >done. Did it occur to anyone that I could have gone and gotten it for
them, >like you do with X-rays? It would have saved some time!
>Also, I found out my dr was going to be leaving town last night until next
>Monday. I ended up crying my head off while on the phone, and the girl
felt >so sorry for me, she actually got the dr to talk to me between patients.
>Just to let ya'll know, I haven't been terribly coherent lately - haven't
>slept much. So I cried all over the place talking to him, and eventually,
he >said he'd call in a prescription for me.


Sorry to hear of your time you are having. I guess I have been lucky that none of the pills I have been taking has made me sick, they make my stomach upset now and then but I have never actually gotten sick on any of them.

What is the yest you had? I am seeing a GI dr and the gyn wants him to run some tests before any surgery, but like 18 months ago, they are all usaully negative.

Hope you feel better today! Thinking of you, Toni >
>I had to wait for my husband to come home so he could drive me up to get
it >- yesterday was pretty bad. It turned out to be Lortab - which I think
I've >had before, a few years ago, from another dr. Either way, it turned out to
>be a waste of money and time. It made me stupid, and I ended up pulling
over >to the side of the road about 1 1/2 hrs after taking one to vomit. I
didn't >even make it into the convenience store I pulled up next to - just opened
>the door and did it there in the parking lot.
>I have always wondered how people can laugh at others who are vomiting.
I've >never found it amusing - just painful, and now, doubly so.
>So no more Lortab for me.

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