may not be in outch for a bit

From: Tara S (
Thu Feb 17 07:03:58 2000

My power is getting turned off for non-payment on Monday unless I can manage to find some money between now and then - so I will be unable to correspond with ya'll for a bit. We did pay it, with a money order dropped off in the night-time payment box, but they claim they never got it. Since my dr visit is also on Monday (the one where we FINALLY go over the defacography DONE 2 WEEKS AGO), so if I'm lucky, something will be done, i.e., I could be in the hospital, and I'd be out of that touch that way.

So, either way, I won't be able to check messages or let ya'll know how I am. Will ya'll miss me? ;O)

Just wanted to let ya'll know.


P.S. Yes, four "ya'll"s in one small message. Hey, I'm in Florida - what do you expect?

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