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Fri Feb 18 00:10:17 2000

It was pretty bad. I've done the upper and lower GI, and that test where you swallow the pill full of tiny plastic rings at a specific time, then after a week (I think), they X-ray you again to see how many (if any) have passed through your system, and where the rest are. I also had a CAT scan, and few other tests. This was all last May - my last big episode of this - but that one lasted 2 1/2 weeks. Then it happened again inNovember, but only for 3 days. This one has been since Jan 14th - and counting :o(. As far as the defacography goes, it was horrible and degrading. Nothing like having to try as hard as humanly possible to poop on demand! And it hurt so much! I told him that's why I don't strain hard to have a bowel movement, because it hurts so much and I don't get results. Rectocele is where the rectum bulges forward into the vagina when you push. It causes a small pocket where everything can get caught instead of getting pushed out. They asked if I could feel it pushing in the vagina with my finger - I had to admit, I had never tried! Intussusception is where a portion of the bowel is either folded over onto or telescoped into itself. Tara

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The drs have mentioned the rectocle, and I do not know what that means. That sounds like a terrible test. I am sorry I remember reading that on your post, could not remember who it was, and that is the test that one of my drs told me about, but I thought he called it something else, could be wrong. But they said something about the toilet looking thing. The test scared me! SOunds awful!

The only real test they did on me was a small bowels folllow through drink the barium, and take pictures every 15 minutes for about 4 hours, mine was normal over ayear ago!


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