An Open Letter To Dr. Wiseman - - - - My Response

From: Helen Dynda (
Thu Feb 17 23:44:44 2000

I have inserted comments within Kim's letter:


At Thu, 17 Feb 2000, KIM MERRELL wrote:

Dear Dr. Wiseman,

[Yesterday I sent you a personal & confidential email to view your opinion on my last surgery for adhesions.]

>>Dr. Wiseman is not a medical doctor, which he has made perfectly clear to all of us. Dr. Wiseman is a Ph.D. Even if he were a MD, an email is not the proper way to consult with a MD about medical or surgical concerns. That is what appointments are for.<<

[I received a very quick reply from you. I was very disappointed in your response..and that was.."why don't you call me.]

>>Dr. Wiseman would have graciously talked with you if you had called him. You apparently have some concerns about your last surgery for adhesions. Dr. Wiseman was giving you the opportunity to call him - since these were *your concerns*. If you would have called him, he would have done his best to answer your questions. Dr. Wiseman cares deeply about the suffering that so many people (mostly women)are experiencing as a result of postsurgical adhesions. He goes out of his way to be as helpful as he can.<<

[...and furthermore..why dont you send money to the IAS to help w/research for adhesions. I was quite appalled at your answer.]

>>How is the International Adhesions Society being funded? There are no dues! As far as I know the only sponsors of this website are SYNECHION (Dr. Wiseman's online business website)and Dr. Wiseman, himself. It is logical that Dr. Wiseman's constant financial support is not going to maintain this website forever! Unless and until the International Adhesions Society website is able to find sponsors to finance this site, where is this funding going to come from? Without funding, we could lose this online adhesions support group; therefore, Dr. Wiseman is providing the opportunity for each one of us to help, as we are able, to help him keep the International Adhesions Society online.<<

[I gave great detail in my question. There is no other information that I could possibly discuss on the phone with you.]

[I realize that the IAS needs money for research.]

>>The IAS does not need money for research!! Research is done by pharmaceutical companies - not the IAS!!<<

[...however you are asking the wrong person right now. I have lost 2 jobs over my health..and am barely even making ends meet as it is. I cannot work right now and may never be able to work again.]

>>I sense a lot of anger throughout your letter. I sympathize with your situation - but you are not alone!! There are many adhesion sufferers in the same - or worse - situation as you. Anger is not going to solve your adhesion problem or anyone else's adhesion problem!! In fact, did you know that anger only tends to increase the amount of pain that a person experiences from adhesions? This is true!!<<

[I feel now that maybe this forum isnt the place for me. I am so used to running into brick walls over my condition..but to find a forum..and ask a question..and then get another brick wall answer and asking for me money really disturbs me.]

[I would like at this be removed from this forum. I can no longer value anything you say.]

>>I am sorry that you feel this way. It is entirely up to you whether you decide to stay or leave. As for me, this forum has been the best and only forum where each one of us can take part and not be judged. This is the place where each one of us can share our deepest concerns and be uplifted by those who have a special talent for helping us feel accepted in spite of the way we have been treated in our quest to find an answer to the chronic pain we suffer with on a daily basis.<<


Kim Merrell

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