Re: Ginni...are you okay?

Fri Feb 18 13:30:50 2000

Toni, I think I have been having a small mental breakdown. Found out my doctor in California feels that I need a bowel resection and to have a laparotomy this time. The expenses of doing this in California and the lengthy stay would have killed us financially, so he suggested a doctor here at the Cleveland Clinic in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where I live. This guy is the Director of Colon Rectal Surgery and specializes in adhesions and supposed to be wonderful but getting in him to see him is next to impossible. Finally have an appointment for next Tuesday. I now weigh 98 and am so weak. Yesterday was my birthday and I told my husband all I wanted for it was a doctor's appointment. Well, somehow, he is a gem, he got it but not til Tuesday. I was SOOOOO upset to hear that I had to be cut again after going through it with the scope and the quick recovery. Feel like I am slowly dying and if it weren't for my Mom, who got a leave of absence from her job and moved in to help with my kids and take care of me I don't know what I would have done. Thank you all for worrying about me. Have any of you had the Seprafilm? The procedure this doctor is talking about is wrapping the entire intestine piece by piece in it and says he has has good results. I have been too weak to get on the computer much so anyone out there have any experience, good or bad with it? I will let you all know when I finally go for this surgery, I am so scared and dreading the gastric tube, the staples, the whole thing, but have to do what needs to be done at this point. My kids need their Mom and my husband needs me too. You are all so warm and sharing and filled with support and sympathy that sometimes I feel overwhelmed when I read the posts. I am so mad at the girl who was not happy with the forum, she doesn't appreciate good people. Dr. Wiseman has personally responded to e-mails from me and has been extremely helpful and kind. Take care everyone, one day at a time, we have to be the toughest bunch of people in the world. We fight our way through it day after day. Thank you all, Ginni

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