Re: Ginni...are you okay?

From: toni welsh (
Fri Feb 18 16:32:11 2000

At Fri, 18 Feb 2000, wrote: >
>I think I have been having a small mental breakdown. Found out my doctor in
>California feels that I need a bowel resection and to have a laparotomy this
>time. The expenses of doing this in California and the lengthy stay would
>have killed us financially, so he suggested a doctor here at the Cleveland
>Clinic in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where I live. This guy is the Director of
>Colon Rectal Surgery and specializes in adhesions and supposed to be
>wonderful but getting in him to see him is next to impossible. Finally have
>an appointment for next Tuesday. I now weigh 98 and am so weak. Yesterday
>was my birthday and I told my husband all I wanted for it was a doctor's
>appointment. Well, somehow, he is a gem, he got it but not til Tuesday. I
>was SOOOOO upset to hear that I had to be cut again after going

If I have the surgerythat is the same thing they told me, the surgeon would wrap the entire intestines with seprafim, just getting the nerve is where I am at, I have been through so much surgery in 98 all within 5 months, and the thought of it makes me ill>

Good luck and prayers to you, Toni

>with the scope and the quick recovery. Feel like I am slowly dying and if it
>weren't for my Mom, who got a leave of absence from her job and moved in to
>help with my kids and take care of me I don't know what I would have done.
>Thank you all for worrying about me. Have any of you had the Seprafilm? The
>procedure this doctor is talking about is wrapping the entire intestine piece
>by piece in it and says he has has good results. I have been too weak to get
>on the computer much so anyone out there have any experience, good or bad
>with it? I will let you all know when I finally go for this surgery, I am so
>scared and dreading the gastric tube, the staples, the whole thing, but have
>to do what needs to be done at this point. My kids need their Mom and my
>husband needs me too. You are all so warm and sharing and filled with
>support and sympathy that sometimes I feel overwhelmed when I read the posts.
> I am so mad at the girl who was not happy with the forum, she doesn't
>appreciate good people. Dr. Wiseman has personally responded to e-mails from
>me and has been extremely helpful and kind. Take care everyone, one day at a
>time, we have to be the toughest bunch of people in the world. We fight our
>way through it day after day. Thank you all, Ginni

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