Re: Antidepressants

From: paula (
Sun Feb 20 14:55:38 2000

Karen, Thanks for getting back to me. The Anti-depressant she prescribed is Pamelor. It says right on the CVS pamphlet that it is sometimes used to block nerve pain. You said you felt like your brain was "mummified in a cotten ball"- this is exactly why I haven't started taking it yet. I got the prescripton Friday, but I'm too afraid to start taking it. I am a first grade teacher- I can't be a walking zombie! I don't know what to do... Paula

At Sun, 20 Feb 2000, Karen Kaplan wrote: >
>Which anti-depressant?
>Not a doctor, but never heard of an antidepressant to block nerve pain.
>Once, when I was being harrassed by both a subordinate AND my boss, my
>doctor suggested I take 2 Prozacs a day to "mute the emotions". It did, but
>I felt like my brain was mummified in a cotton ball, so I took up boxing
>instead - to release the "emotions" physically..
>If you are not depressed, I just don't see why you should change your brain
>chemistry, too.
>It's not like this is an exact science.

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>> My pain dr. wants me to start taking an antidepressant to block nerve
>> pain (along with the million other things I take). Has anyone tried
>> this? Has it worked at all?

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