Re: New to forum, many questions

From: paula (
Sun Feb 20 14:49:53 2000

Carey, Boy have you come to the right place. I found this site 2 days ago and it's like a god send! My adhesions first began with at pelvic inflammatory disease then became worse with MANY surgeries by doctors who didn't know enough about adhesions. So I don't think it matters that you only had one surgery. Also, your latest lap. probably made it worse. My pain began mostly on the left too. Ovulation is excruciating- puts me down for two days. I can't even discuss my period. I am afraid of it every month. On the last day of my period, I start worrying about the next one... I feel that weight gain does effect my adhesion pain. When I feel I've put on a few, I definitely feel more pain. My personal feeling is that your nurse friend is incorrect. I don't think another surgery would help you for "another 14 years" unless you went to someone that was highly skilled and used some sort of adhesion blocker (ie interseed, seprafilm, etc.). Even that doesn't have guaranteed results. By the way, I can't speak for anyone else, but I do not have fibros- and never have. I do have endo, but am most effected by the adhesions. Hope this helps. I'm sure we'll talk soon. Paula

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