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From: Bernie and Beverly Doucette (
Mon Feb 21 16:35:35 2000

I regret to have to inform you that Karla was admitted into the hospital again. It is undetermined how long she will be there, but I will hold this e-mail for her until she is well enough to get back to you.

In friendship Beverly

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> Golly what were some of your surgeries you have had since 91, 26 is an
> awful lot of sugrery. I probably will go through some tests too, after
> I see the GI dr Wed. He better do SOMETHING! I have not gone to BM now,
> in 6 days, a week tomorrow! I took 5 senekot and 2 colace before bed,
> and NOTHING! Alot of pressure and pain in lower abdomen very hard again,
> and you could see it was full and harder on the left side this morning,
> oh well, but the stool would not come out!
> I AM SICK OF THIS! If I could go I think I would feel better! Take care
> all
> toni

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