Re: karla

Tue Feb 22 10:23:50 2000

Bev, I did not have the energy to get on the computer yesterday and have been having some numbness in my hands, particularly the left one and it is sometimes hard to type. I would love to call you and will if you give me a time convenient for you. I will not call collect, though. Please let me know when you are available and I will call. I did watch your videos and found them fascinating. I am still nagging at my husband to make another copy of mine so that I can send them to you. Mine are only about five minutes of the surgery, beginning and the end. I have an appointment Thursday at general surgeon here. I am losing weight because I am so nauseous I do not want anything, but do force down at least three Ensure per day, although I am vomiting off on and on, so how much of this is staying in me is hard to determine. I have to take the laxatives or my body just shuts down and starts swelling up, I don't have a lot of BM but have to take them to release the gas. Such an attractive disease, isn't it? I will check later to see when is convenient for you, I will be here and maybe sometime tomorrow? Now, on to more important stuff. Please tell Karla I asked about her and am praying for her. She gave me such comfort when you were gone and I think a lot of her spirit and strength. I know she said she had a doctor's appointment, did they just admit her right away? I have a feeling they will do the same to me and almost hope they do. Please let me know how she is doing and what is the doctor's plans for her? In friendship, Ginni

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