multiple laparotomies

From: toni welsh (
Tue Feb 22 08:50:04 2000

I am praying for Karla, and hope she finds someone who can help her.

I cannot imagine a dr or drs. doing 26 lapartomies on ONE person, I was in Dr Semertzidies office last year, and waiting in the waiting room, and there was agirl in his office before me, and when I got into see him, and he told me that the girl in the office had had 26 surgeries, I was shocked, she was going to need more, and he did alot of them. This is why I was scared right out of that drs. office! I am skeptical now to have ONE more laparotomy, and to go through that many scares me ! I cannot even begin to know wht that poor thing has been through, and you daid the urine bag was due to a bad lysis! I hope things turn out okay for her, PLEASE let us know, and I am thinking of her! Let her know our prayers are with her, and also with Kathy! Good Luck to both of them!


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