Re: Can estrogen cause pain?

From: Peggy (
Tue Feb 22 11:14:03 2000

At Sat, 19 Feb 2000, Jaynie Jarvis wrote: >
>Well, I was doing so good that I was making all sorts of plans to live
>life to the fullest. Like a dog off a leash. Then Dr. Levy put me on
>.0025 of estrogen. And a vaginal cream. After a week I was in raging
>pain. I felt like I was bleeding inside. Could not get out of pain. So
>I took off the patch and quit using the cream. The pain has gotten
>better but I am in alot of pain still. I told her it would do that and
>she scoffed at me like I did not know my own body. I went to my regular
>doc and she was so nice and sympathetic. She told me that I am doing
>quit well. And she gave me some percacet for pain. I called Levy and
>just to tell her and she gaveme Flexerall. A muscle relaxer !! She
>still believes it is my tight pelvic muscle and not the estrogen because
>it is such a small dose. Well my pelvic muscle is not tight anymore.
>And if it does get tight I know how to relax it. Has anyone else had
>this reaction? Helen told me to go to the Endo. forum a long time ago I
>think I best go there and ask those girls this question. Now my pain is
>mostly in my groin areas and on the Left side.(which is swollen in the
>groin) What's up with this? Thanks for listening, Jaynie

Hi Jaynie, I just went through just about the same as you.I had a hysterectomy 4/98 with LSO for LLQ pain.Since I have had a laporoscopy 10/98,4/99 and 11/99 all for LLQ pain the first 2 laps.the Dr. found severe adhesions.With this last surgery the Dr. found endometriosis and did a RSO.He was going to keep me off of replacement estrogen for 3 months but due to severe migraines he started me on premarin.I was taking the premarin for 3 weeks and the pain in the LLQ increased immensly(sp) I also started having terrible diarrhea (I have endo on the bowel)so my gyn told me to stop the estrogen .The diarrhea has gotten a little better but the pain is still there although I do think it is a little less intense than it was with taking the premarin.Hope this answers your question about the estrogen."FRIENDS THAT STICK TOGETHER" Peggy

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