Who is Dr. Wiseman?

From: Helen Dynda (olddad66@runestone.net)
Tue Feb 22 16:58:30 2000

Dr. Wiseman recognized that alot of people were suffering from postsurgical adhesions - and that these people were having a difficult time trying to find help for themselves.

It was his compassion for adhesion-sufferers that led him to accept the responsibility to provide an online support website for people, such as you and me, which would help the many adhesion-sufferers throughout the world would realize that "You Are Not Alone."


To learn more about Dr. Wiseman, here are two websites which will give you more information about him:

1.) SYNECHION - is Dr. Wiseman's online business site. You will find many links at this website which pertain to the adhesion barriers which are available now - as well as about the gel-adhesion barriers currently in clinical trials.


2.) Dr. Wiseman - his educational and professional background is found at this website:


3.) Dr. Wiseman is also the author of "A Patient's Guide to Adhesions and Related Pain...or...You Are Not Alone" - which can be accessed by clicking: "A Patient's Guide" - located to the left of this webpage.

4.) Dr. Wiseman has registered and is the founder of the International Adhesions Society! He is the person who has made this website possible. This website is financed by SYNECHION, his online business, and by Dr. Wiseman himself - along with contributions which have been voluntarily given by people who post messages here.

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