From: Richard Hagen (
Tue Feb 22 18:57:38 2000

I read many of the notes posted and have written personally to many of you. I think it is time to put my two cents in again. My wife Susan suffers from this illness(ARD) as many of you are aware. We have been through a lot of doctors, treatments, personal problems, bills, etc.

Two people that have been instrumental in helping us as a couple cope with this have been Dr. David Wiseman and Dr. John Semertzides. Dr Wiseman for providing the channel for all of us to help one another, and personally for Dr. Semertzides for the kindness and willingness to work with Susan.

Secondarily, the people that have contributed, those that have done research, volunteer work, helpful spontaneous messages, from all different backrounds and united in similiar suffering, these people continue to contibute a large percentage of daily help to all of us.

I could not have gone on in a sane manner if it weren't for all of you writing in with your pains, daily problems and questions along with new ideas(yes even Igor, God bless him), results and constant vigilance to aquiring new hope, continued patience and a laugh along the way.

The goal here is to be thankful for the fellow help and thoughts shared. To be thankful for those unseen in the backround that help us communicate on the internet. Thankful for those that care enough to share, who show genuine human compassion.

Even if tomorrow something new comes along that eliminates all this suffering, I will remember this forum for helping my family continue to go on and have hope. That goes for all of you. Keep up the good work, for it is a GOOD work!


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