Re: pain meds and hair loss

From: Peggy (
Thu Feb 24 11:03:56 2000

At Thu, 24 Feb 2000, Robyne Hinks wrote: >Having to go under for surgery also makes your hair fall out along with medications.I had 5 surgeries within 19 months and I was taking methadone and klonopin and the woman that cuts my hair said that especially with having a general with the surgeries the body goes into shock and causes hair loss."FRIENDS THAT STICK TOGETHER" Peggy

>At Mon, 14 Feb 2000, toni welsh wrote:
>>I am not on morphine, but i have been on 3 meds for a year, Neurotin,
>>Oxycontin, and Trazadone. My hair is thinning bad. I went to the
>>salon, and she put me on a regimen of products. It is called Nioxin,
>>and I have only been taking it 3 weeks, I will try anything to get my
>>hair to stop falling out. The pain drs say that meds do not cause hair
>>loss, but the first thing the hairdresser said who used to cut mny hair,
>>the first thing she said is what are we on.
>>ToniDear Toni could you please explain what this nioxin is?Is it a tablet or shampoo? My hairdresser cannot find any reference to it. Robyne

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