Re: dairy products

Thu Feb 24 10:40:41 2000

Hi Robyne! Yes, I believe you are right re not being asble tio eat foods that nerver were a problem befor3e a bowel resection. I have been told that I'm lactosde intolerant, & let me tell you, it hurts like hell even while I'm eating anything w/dairy in it. I, too, have been on a soy diet at the suggestion of my gyn for years. He said I could not take estrogen replacement theraopy cuz of the endometriosis. It, estrogen, makes the endo grow. Soy isn';t too bad once you get used to it. I drink soy daily & also take hte herbal line of Ricola Womens Health Formula, it has more isoflavones than the One-A-Day Calcium & Black Cohosh for wel-being.

Have you ever tried the chocolate soy beverage White Wave 'Silk''? It is totally & undeniably delicipous!!! Just like Quick. They say yuou can even put it in the microwave for hot chocolate. It beats regular soy, even vanilla, hands downn!.

I never knew othought re the section they removed being responsible for this sudden intolerance. But it seems perfectly [plausible to me. I'll ask my dr next week when I see her. I have trouble giving up my cohcolate ppudding, tho. It helps so much w/thre nausea & heartburn I experience, & I figure if I'm in a lot of pain anyway...why not? That's my forbidden pleasure (pizza's defintely out of the picture).

Hope today finds you feeling not too bad. Blessed Be. Karla B.

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