Adhesion Symptoms - - - Please share the symptoms you are having.

From: Helen Dynda (
Thu Feb 24 13:19:25 2000

Someone has asked me to share the symptoms that I have as a result of adhesions. I was diagnosed in 1997 as having massive adhesions attaching my omentum to my abdominal the site of my laparotomy incisional scar - 7 inches down and 4 inches across.

Near the end of the videotape of my 1997 surgery, I noticed that the surgeon had lysed (cut) into an adhesion that had a blood vessel running through it. So I am not sure if this bleeder has caused de novo adhesions to develop beyond my abdomen and omentum or not. I assume that the bleeding into the pelvis could cause further adhesions to develop; but where or when, I do not know.

[] These are the symptoms I experience on a daily basis:

* A constant burning sensation which radiates from my central abdomen out to each hip. I feel the most pain in my central abdomen; and that is to be expected because of the re-attachment of massive adhesions, which were lysed (cut) in 1997.

* When I am sitting, my pain is at its worst. Jaynie told of her session with Dr. Barbara Levy - that Dr. Levy believes that lax pelvic muscles are her problem. So I sometimes wonder if my abdominal or pelvic muscles might be increasing my sensation of pain as well.

* Reclining and walking tend to lessen my sensation of pain. I know that this could be explained as being the result of endorphins (the body's natural morphine) at work!

* I am not experiencing the severe pain and constipation so many of you are. I have never had a bowel obstruction; so I do not think that my bowels are involved.

* The last couple of days I have been experiencing increased pain as the result of either a bladder infection or possible adhesion-involvement with my bladder. This problem is affecting my energy level.

* I have not had backaches; nor have I had pain or numbness involving my legs. I have searched my brain to come up with this description of how adhesions are affecting me - and right now I cannot think of any other descriptive terms to use.

* Nothing has been said here regarding how living with the chronic pain of adhesions has affected the rest of my life - relationships, etc. This can be a topic for another time.


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