Re: Adhesion Symptoms - - - Please share the symptoms you are

From: Paula Healey (
Thu Feb 24 19:04:39 2000


You had asked us to share our adhesion symptoms, so here goes:

*constant cramps, similar to period cramps. sometimes unbearable. *hurts during deep penetration *hurts terribly when my bladder is very full *hurts when I have to have a bowel movement. *sometimes, out of nowhere I get a ripping, stabbing pain in my abdomen, usually on my left side, but not always. It feels as though I have ripped one of the adhesions and it is excruciating. I am literally frozen with pain. this pain lingers for days and days. my entire abdomen is tender for about 2 weeks after an episode like this, *periodic sharp stabbing pains *"pulling" pains, where it feels like my insides are ripping. *very painful ovulation *periods are horrible- I dread them every moment. *the feeling that all of my organs are just stuck together in a web.

This is all I can think of right now. Would love to hear other people's symptoms. Paula

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