Just a hello

From: toni welsh (twelsh1@hotmail.com)
Sat Feb 26 16:10:11 2000

Just a quick note to say hello to all you, we have been sort of busy. We took a LONG ride today to 4 different flea markets, and found nothing. It was too pretty to stay in, and my husband said he wanted me to get out of the hpuse, this week I got in the mood to not go out again and the spring weather we are having right now should help for now.

I still am the same as I have been and still very confused, but I am hanging in there for awhile, and hoping like all of us the barriers will be available for us soon. I am glad that Kathy's surgery went well, and that she is recovering okay. I hope you keep us informed on how she is doing! Hope you are all doing alright today!


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