Re: It's been a long time.....Someone from Schenectady!

From: Tina Shelby (
Sat Feb 26 16:25:15 2000


Good to have you back. I too have come to terms with ARDs and am at peace. It has taken much time, many dr. visits, and much money to get to this point but I am here, and kept my sanity.

Keep in touch


At 03:17 PM 2/25/00 -0600, you wrote: >I thought I would just stop in and say HI!
>It's good to see a few of you still here, Tina, Helen, Toni& others. I
>even see someone here from Schenectady N.Y., where I grew up. I
>attended what was called Linton High on the Plaza.
>Well, I am still on meds for the pain of my adhesions-sometings never
>change. But I am pleased to say that I have had no hospitalizations
>from them. I think that I have just come to know that they are a part
>of me, I am at peace with that! Particularly, when I am not in pain. :)
>This is like coming home for me. Support has been a life line. It's
>ironic that most of my support has been online. It's hard to talk with
>people who don't understand chronic pain.
>Helen- thank you again for the refferal to Rest Ministires. The support
>group for people who live with chronic pain\illness. I have started a
>group at my church!
>Well, I have a Dr.'s appointment I must get ready for. It looks like I
>have some kind of auto-immune arthritic type disorder.
>Denise in Seattle

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