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From: Karen Kaplan (kkaplan@eclipse.net)
Sat Feb 26 21:19:46 2000

Karla B: Dr. Wiseman is in Houston. You can email him at synechion@aol.com

Dr. Reich is in Manhattan and Pennsylvania. Manhattan is at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center office at 16 E. 60 th Street, Suite 490 10022, phone is 212-305-1068 - ask for Evelyn. Bev has more info, too. I got the impression he usually sees patients on referral - my self-referral seemed somewhat confusing, but he is really nice. Karen

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From: Kb1707tiamet@aol.com To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS <adhesions@forum.obgyn.net> Sent: Saturday, February 26, 2000 10:05 PM Subject: Re: An Open Letter To Dr. Wiseman - - - - My Response

> Helen: where is Dr. Wiseman located? I wouldn't mind talking to him re
some > concerns I have over my health & the treatment I've received over the last
16 > years. Also, if you know, where in NY is Dr. Reich located?
> You can e-mail me direct if you like with these answers. Also any phone
#s > would be appreciated!
> I also sense the anger in Kim's letter, I know how she feels but you are
> right re pain making our conditions woirse. Pain just hypes up the nerves
& > makes our bodies more tense, therefore causing more pain. It also doesn't
> solve a thing. On the other hand, this forum helps to solve some of the
> loneliness, isolation & depression that we, as ARD sufferers, feel. I
feel > blessed to have found this site & to be able to talk & know that there is
some > one out there who understands. Thanx to all!
> Karla B.

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