Re: Ginni: doctor's orders

Sat Feb 26 21:15:29 2000

Karen: How toxic for the liver is the Chapparal tea? I have permanent liver damage so I really need to know, but it sounds like it might work for all the other "problems". I, too, have been going herbal. The drs wanted me on Premarin after my hyst, & I did for a while, but it didn't do a thing for the hot flashes. I got a new gyn who told me I had had endo inside my adhesions & that premarin & other estrogen therapies would make the endo grow & worsen. He told me about soy as an estrogen replacement. It works 10 times better than the premarin ever did. The have tablets that also have black cohosh (well being) & calcium in them (by Ricola). Then there's Eden Soy Extra Vanilla flavored. It's not bad at all. I drink it daily. Karla B.

P.S.: Screw Nabisco. I'll boycot them from now on & pass that info on to others Ii know.

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