Re: Can estrogen cause pain?

From: Karen Kaplan (
Sun Feb 27 05:58:36 2000

about as bad as a reproductive endocrinologist/menopause-infertility expert gyn who DOESN't tell you that endo thrives on estrogen and your adhesions are probably endo. Karen

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> Yes, Jaynie, estrogen can cause pain in those who have endometriosis. The
> estrogen acts like a food for it & makes it grow & cause severe pain!
Tell > your Dr. Levy that & see what she says. I was told this by my gyn whom I
> trust very much as he has been the only dr who told me I had
endometriosis. > I didn't even know! The surgeon didn't even tell me. How's that for
nerve!! > Best of luck to you. Karla B.

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