From: Mary (Banditkat@aol.com)
Sun Feb 27 07:28:55 2000

TuesdayFeb 22nd I had a laparoscapy done do to ultrasound finding of a left ovary mass. Well come to find out there was no mass. When the surgeon went to blow my belly up my bowel went with it. My bowel was attached to the abdominal wall and my left ovary and also my bladder. My ovarys where also attached to the abdonminal wall with adhesions. He said on my release form that there was a moderate amount of adhesions and a small amount of endometriosis. I have not talked with the Doctor as I do not go to see him till the middle of March. My question is will the adhesions return? Is there anything I should do to try and prevent them from returning? Thanks in advance


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