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From: Karen Kaplan (
Sun Feb 27 13:37:36 2000

Thanks Bev - it was an email from Kathy that brought me into this group and meeting you. Somehow, my net research last summer got my email address to Dr. Wiseman, who gave it to Kathy who emailed me - it was only after she put me in touch with you that joined the quilt and got linked. kk p.s. am reallytired today and have yet to really wake up, so i guess i won't be seeing her today.

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> Dear Karen and all...
> As I sit here writing this to you, I am filled with such immense
emotions. > As these tears of joy run down my face, I am thinking of all the letters,
> phone calls and e-mails that Kathy and I have shared over this past year.
> Kathy suffering so with pain, unrelenting pain, we all know it don't we?
She > was also filled with fear, frustration, and hopelessness, add that to the
> pain and suffering of all the added symptoms of our disease and you get
one > pretty sad , sick human being. What is so good about this forum is that as
I > write these words describing the suffering, one doesn't have wonder if
those > reading it will comprehend what is actually being said, the realism of the
> words, I know you all can all to well, comprehend Kathy's suffering as I
> write it!
> I sit here thinking about the times that Kathy wasn't sure she could get
> through another day would she be able to keep her job, as she was missing
> work so often and when she was there, it was though to get through because
> of her pain. How would she continue to take care of her daughter, just a
> little girl, and what kind of a mother am I being sick all the time? Yes,
> she knew about Dr. Reich, you all know me, of course I would be telling
her > about him, but money, a single patent, losing work days, Kathy knew about
> Dr. Reich, but that was like looking into a crystal ball and wishing! And
> we all know that if you wish in one hand and poop in another, which will
get > filled faster don't we!!!
> Kathy would always say to me, " Bev, I want to be well again, but there is
> no way possible for me to EVER be able to get to New York, never! " I am
> going to be like this until I die! " Oh how she was suffering! My heart
was > breaking, all I could do was support her, steer here a bit here or there
to > get assertive with her Dr's and get pain medications...the routine we all
> know! I find the hopelessness the most debilitating of anything that an
> adhesion sufferer is dealing with, to be hopeless is to be dying! And she
> was, dying in her heart and mind, I was too when I was so ill! Dr. Reich
> had already been alerted to Kathy's case and felt he could help her, now
it > was up to us to get her there. that wasn't going to prove to be an easy
tast > either!
> Again, my heart is breaking because I know that so many of you are still
at > that point and there seems to be so little that I or anyone can do to take
> that from you..if I could absorb that from each one of you to set you free
I > would!
> I called Kathy the eve of Thanksgiving as she had made the call to Dr.
> Reichs office to ask questions, and found that she would need a massive
> amount of money as a down payment just to get the appointment. That of
> course, brogught her down to knees , again hopelessness filled her
> heart..and her home. This pain and suffering does not just deal a blow to
> those suffering this disease, it deals a blow to all who love and care
about > that person...Kathy's house was filled with despair that holiday evening.
I > found out about it through an e-mail she wrote me, but she was filled with
> so much pain and all encompassing hurt, that she refused to answer my amny
> attempts to contact her through this e-mail! I had no idea how to reach
her > personaly, but I knew that a personal contact was now in order here....the
> question was how to find her!
> I went through my files, found a last name, my husband started the person
> search for a phone number...everything avenue we tried hit a brick wall!
No > phone number listed for her in her state. One the seventh phone call of
> persons with the same last name, my husband was able to make contact with
an > older lady. Bernie explained our plight about this lady named Kathy with
the > same last name in this same state as the one on the phone. ": Do you know
> any Kathy with your last name? " Bernie asked. "And who would be calling
> her if I did? " came the reply. Bernie then went on to explain about that
I > worked for the International Adhesion Society and was attempting to make
> contact with Kathy because I needed to speak to her about a Dr. in New
York. > " I am Kathy's grandmother and I will call her for you, give me your
number > and I'll give it to her." was the response." Kathy's phone number is
> unlisted, but she doesn't live far from me and I'll call her right away!"
> At 8pm, thanksgivivng eve, Kathy called me. Our first voice
> communication, we talked for an hour. I was able to at least offer
support, > and bring her up enough for her and her daughter to enjoy the holidays. I
> said we would lok at every avenue possible to come up with some money for
> surgery with reich and not to lose faith, as God some way somehow, always
> comes through when it is least trust God is one of the
> toughest things a human can do. We have a very hard time deaing in HIS
time, > and we always want to know the plan,,well, with God that doesn't always
> happen, and that is why he gave us faith, faith to trust him, to call upon
> him, we talked about faith. Even in the midst of what we think is the
> toughest and lowest point in our lives, if we call upon God to hold us, to
> carry us through becuase we will trust in him even when we don't know what
> will happen...he will be there and will fill us with his spirit to get us
> through! Through to what you night be wondering. I believe he will get
us > through the time it takes for his plan to produce for us...and it will
> produce my dearest people, it will!
> Kathy was better, not physicaly, but had some renewed strength to look
> into avenues that may help her get to Dr. reich, as that was her ultimate
> with Dr. Reich! Well, things didn't move to positive in the
> direction of getting enough money to get to him anytime soon, that was for
> sure...we wonder at times why God makes us wait for things when we are
> suffering so and he is all mighty and could at the snap of a finger,
chnage > things for us, make good things happen for us from
> suffering..right? Well, we sure know it doesn't work that way for
us...why? > Because God has given us all a free will, and that means that he must also
> wait for doors to open , the doors of peoples hearts so that they, Gods
> people will reach out and change anothers life, here on earth is where
that > must happen...I do belive though, that God himself, in all his infinate
> mercy and love of us, opens doors for us to walk through IF we elect to
walk > through them...that means all peaople. Those who can make lifes walk a
> little easier for others must want to do that, and those who need that
help > must be open to receiving it or seeing that it is there for them..all a
> matter of free will, but that is also how Gods hand reachs out to us,
> through his people.... where is this taking us in regards to Kathy? Well,
> read on!
> The Season of joy and giving was upon us..the Christms season..the
season > of miracles!
> Christmas eve, came and went uneventful for me, Christmas day came and
> went, again uneventful for me!
> But the day after Christmas, I receive this most jubilant phone call, the
> voice on the other end was so excited, laughing, crying...most ecstatic!
My > goodness, "Who is this, " I asked once I thought I would be heard!!
> " It's me, Kathy!" I'm going to New york!" I'm having my surgery with
> Dr Reich! " All I could ask was,
> " How?" " Well, after all the gifts were opened at our family gathering
> yesterday, " She shared. " My grandmother got up and walked over to me and
> handed me an envelope with enough money for me to have my surgery!! " my
> little girl hugged me, I cried, we all cried, I'm going to be well
again,it > was a miracle!"...
> My dear friends, It was a miracle, miracle's do happen, they are as real
> today as you read in the bible! I share this with you toady as you follow
> kathy's walk to health. This coulnd't happen two years ago, not even one
and > a half years ago becuase there was no society like this, no talk or
wareness > of adhesions and we were all so alone...through miracles, Gods
intervenons, > we are watching yet another of our feloow sufferers live agian...raised
from > that death that is within those who suffer ARD!
> I am so filled with joy and happiness for Kathy as I know her story will
> offer hope to those of you who may think there is no hope! Her story ia a
> testiment to our God, who no matter how your suffering or feeling, is
there > with you and working hard for your recovery! It takes people, real people
to > open the doors and reach out...
> I beg all family members, friends, co - workers to listen to and respond
to > the needs, the hopes, the ways that the suffering person, who is reaching
> out to you, so desperately wants you to help them with! Please listen,
> please help them find the way to live again! What is more impotant then
> having a human life enhanced by your actions and intervention? what is
there > to share in life if there isn't that special person to share it with, all
> things become nothing if they cannot be enjoyed with the one you love!
look > at that suffering person, look long and hard...think you cannot afford DR.
> Reich? What is that life worth? A second morgage? Yes! A loan? Yes! Credit
> card max? Yes! A fund raiser if neccesary! Yes!
> This person you see suffering with adhesion pain has every right to live
> again when there is someone out there who can help them..they at least
have > a right to have that chance to see if DR. reich can help them...they have
as > much as a need and right as someone who needs an organ transplant. This
> sufferring is real, it requires a specialist who is so well versed in its
> treatment becuase of the nature of this beast the surgeon MUST be the best
> in the world, and there IS only one " best " and that IS DR. Reich. The
good > news is that as we speak, Dr. reich has trained two of his associated as
to > his procedure. Dr. Vadali and Dr. Evanko are now taking adhesion patients
in > New York. Dr. Reich is currently looking at opening a full staffed medical
> center to treat adhesion patients!
> This offers all of you that same hope that Kathy found...that I have found
> and a few others as well. It is our stories that I pray will get you
through > when you think you can't make it one more day, one more minute as you push
> through your life....Remember these words that Kathy spoke two days after
> her surgery, " I feel the difference already!" And Kathy will continue to
> gain strength, to heal from her surgery and on with her life!
> The one thing that I have noticed on the faces of those who have had an
> adhesiolysis under Dr. Reichs capable hands, is a great big grin from ear
to > doesn't leave, I know mine hasn't!
> If I can be of any assistance to any of you, please contact me, I am here
> for you not only in words, but action!
> God Bless all or you and know he is with you!
> In friendship
> Beverly

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> Sent: Saturday, February 26, 2000 10:15 PM
> Subject: Karen says hello for Kathy
> > Thanks Toni - I had a long day too - usually I sleep on Saturday because
I > > am so tired, but I got another bill from the hospital last night and HAD
> to
> > send off my letter to get them off my back (the hospital where I had my
> hyst
> > last summer is in a contract dispute with US Healthcare over low
> > reimbursement, so they are billing me for what USHC didn't pay!). So,
> up
> > at 6, letter finished & mailed, then dentist & hair - so nice to have
> clean
> > teeth and a new cut, plus I love my dentist because it's one part of my
> body
> > that's in good shape), and then I drove into Manhattan to see Kathy and
> her
> > friend Charlotte.
> > They are at the Mayflower Hotel on Central Park West and 61st Street
with > a
> > park view and a nice suite - Kathy's employer is a friend of the owner.
> We
> > should all be so lucky to have a boss that caring. I told them that if
> the
> > suite was an apartment, it would rent for about $2500-3000/month because
> the
> > rooms & closets are so big.
> > Kathy said she felt much better today, but is still weak and not able to
> get
> > out. Without any comparison, I thought she looked very good, and she
said > > she could already feel the difference despite the pain from the surgery
> > itself, and she is still passing off the rest of the Ringer's lactate
that > > is an important part of Dr. Reich's treatment. It sounds amazing what
he > > can do with laparascopy. She had a hernia that she didn't know about,
but > > the rest was too complex for me to remember since I talked too much,
which > > was probably just as well cause she was still tired from the anesthetic.
> >
> > They are hoping to get out tomorrow, and into the park, tho Kathy will
be > in
> > a wheelchair. If I can, I will try to go back in and give them a short
> car
> > tour of some of the landmarks in Manhattan since they are planning to go
> > back to Florida on Tuesday. Tomorrow is supposed to be like spring,
which > > was a disappointment to Kathy- she wants some snow!
> > As I left, they were going to order some Chinese food after I explained
> that
> > you can get ANYTHING delivered for free in that part of Manhattan.
> > At which point, I headed uptown to order some Chinese with my best
friend > in
> > the complex where I used to live. This was a breakthrough for me to
have > > such a long active day-
> >
> > Ok, shut up Karen
> > Good night all.
> >

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> > Sent: Saturday, February 26, 2000 6:10 PM
> > Subject: Just a hello
> >
> > > Just a quick note to say hello to all you, we have been sort of busy.
> We
> > > took a LONG ride today to 4 different flea markets, and found nothing.
> > > It was too pretty to stay in, and my husband said he wanted me to get
> > > out of the hpuse, this week I got in the mood to not go out again and
> > > the spring weather we are having right now should help for now.
> > >
> > > I still am the same as I have been and still very confused, but I am
> > > hanging in there for awhile, and hoping like all of us the barriers
will > > > be available for us soon. I am glad that Kathy's surgery went well,
and > > > that she is recovering okay. I hope you keep us informed on how she
is > > > doing! Hope you are all doing alright today!
> > >
> > > Toni
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