Karen says hello for Kathy

From: Karen Kaplan (kkaplan@eclipse.net)
Sat Feb 26 21:13:50 2000

Thanks Toni - I had a long day too - usually I sleep on Saturday because I am so tired, but I got another bill from the hospital last night and HAD to send off my letter to get them off my back (the hospital where I had my hyst last summer is in a contract dispute with US Healthcare over low reimbursement, so they are billing me for what USHC didn't pay!). So, up at 6, letter finished & mailed, then dentist & hair - so nice to have clean teeth and a new cut, plus I love my dentist because it's one part of my body that's in good shape), and then I drove into Manhattan to see Kathy and her friend Charlotte. They are at the Mayflower Hotel on Central Park West and 61st Street with a park view and a nice suite - Kathy's employer is a friend of the owner. We should all be so lucky to have a boss that caring. I told them that if the suite was an apartment, it would rent for about $2500-3000/month because the rooms & closets are so big. Kathy said she felt much better today, but is still weak and not able to get out. Without any comparison, I thought she looked very good, and she said she could already feel the difference despite the pain from the surgery itself, and she is still passing off the rest of the Ringer's lactate that is an important part of Dr. Reich's treatment. It sounds amazing what he can do with laparascopy. She had a hernia that she didn't know about, but the rest was too complex for me to remember since I talked too much, which was probably just as well cause she was still tired from the anesthetic.

They are hoping to get out tomorrow, and into the park, tho Kathy will be in a wheelchair. If I can, I will try to go back in and give them a short car tour of some of the landmarks in Manhattan since they are planning to go back to Florida on Tuesday. Tomorrow is supposed to be like spring, which was a disappointment to Kathy- she wants some snow! As I left, they were going to order some Chinese food after I explained that you can get ANYTHING delivered for free in that part of Manhattan. At which point, I headed uptown to order some Chinese with my best friend in the complex where I used to live. This was a breakthrough for me to have such a long active day-

Ok, shut up Karen Good night all.

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From: toni welsh <twelsh1@hotmail.com> To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS <adhesions@forum.obgyn.net> Sent: Saturday, February 26, 2000 6:10 PM Subject: Just a hello

> Just a quick note to say hello to all you, we have been sort of busy. We
> took a LONG ride today to 4 different flea markets, and found nothing.
> It was too pretty to stay in, and my husband said he wanted me to get
> out of the hpuse, this week I got in the mood to not go out again and
> the spring weather we are having right now should help for now.
> I still am the same as I have been and still very confused, but I am
> hanging in there for awhile, and hoping like all of us the barriers will
> be available for us soon. I am glad that Kathy's surgery went well, and
> that she is recovering okay. I hope you keep us informed on how she is
> doing! Hope you are all doing alright today!
> Toni

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