Re: Adhesions? How do I know?

From: toni welsh (
Mon Feb 28 06:12:59 2000

At Sun, 27 Feb 2000, Martha wrote: >
>I would like to know if my symptoms alone show that I am suffering from
>adhesions. I had a supracervical hyst/bso a year ago Jan. I have never
>fully been free from abdominal pain since. It is worse in the evenings
>when my lower abdomen seems swollen. When I sneeze it hurts quite
>intensly. I am still taking hydrocodone with tylenol almost daily for
>pain. I am very active with racewalking & spinning.Often after alot of
>exercise my pain is increased. The pain pulls and stings. Can anyone
>e-mail me and tell me if this seems like adhesions?


Yes, Martha, sounds alot like the pain we all deal with. Have your drs ever mentioned this? When I first went to the drs to tell them about the pains I am having, I got to the point that I told them there are just too many kinds of pains I have, I got to the point I called my gyn and told him in tears I am so sick and tired of explaining all the kinds and where the pain is. Tis is the most frustrating think I have EVER been through, and on top of that I have some drs who tell me that fifty percent of the medical profession does not believe that adhesions cause pain, frustrating! I told him in the same breath then someone better find out why I am in so much pain, I cannot seem to find a GI dr to help, and I know the one I used to see is the one who said that about the medical profession. I am trying to deal with the bowel issue myself, until I decide to ever try the surgery again. Right now I am not thinking about it anymore, I am trying to live a normsal life, and not let chronic pain get in the way, but it does. \ All I can do is try! I would definitely say, Martha, that you are dealing with adhesions. Toni

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