Re: estrogen & endo

Mon Feb 28 12:11:52 2000

Karen: My gyn told me about soy as replacement therapy for menopause. I really trust my gyn as he WILL NOT do any more surgery on me where I have had others in the past who would go in at the drop of a hat. (Usually mine). When I 1st went to see him, (the dr who did my hyst died not long after of cancer) he wanted to know why I was on such a high dose of estrogen. I was having really BAD hot flashes & nite sweats. That was when he tpold me re the endo & that estrogen would only make the endo worse, "feed" it in a way. He suggested soy, I've been on it ever since w/good results!

I'm not sure re still having endo after natural menopause. My gyn didn't say anything to the effect that it would go away just because of menopause. Karla B.

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