adhesion pain....Dana

From: toni welsh (
Mon Feb 28 10:24:36 2000


That is alot of surgery in a short time, the surgery after your c section was due to a bowel ostruction, and that is the reason I have not decided to opt for surgery yet, the gyn failed a lap twice with me, and I had 2 laparomies in 5 mmonths in 98. And things are worse now.

I have a a gyn who believes that adhesions pain exists, but has I said earlier, the GI drs I have tried to get to help me, don't believe it! This is when I get real disgusted wiht our problem. If only knew, alot of girls here said that there are drs out there who can do a lap even on people like us, but they have not been able here! Even all the second opinions I have had agreed that it would be impossible to get the scope in. I guess i this continues to be getting worse I will seek help outside of Ohio!

Take care of your self! Toni

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