Re: Laproscope

From: toni welsh (
Mon Feb 28 17:24:48 2000

At Mon, 28 Feb 2000, Susan wrote: >
>I am supposed to have a Lap.April 7 for a possible gallbladder
>removal.It is laser as I refuse to be cut on again.My
>TAH,BSO,appendectomy 5/26 was due to adhesions and I think I have
>more.Don't know if it is adhesions or gallbladder.Gallbladder dye test
>only functioning at 38% and anything 30 and below is nonfunctioning.I
>don't know what to do.I had 4 crazy attacks in a month after eating
>fat.Severe stomach pain and diarrhea.Don;t know if that is from
>gallbladder or adhesions.How will they know if adhesions are in the way
>of the Lap?Help please.Susan


My dr know after 10 minutes the lap would not go through, and the first surgery heconverted to laparotomy in apr. 98. I did not know he had to convert, I was already out and he talked to mu husband, I had another lap that failed in aug, he could not get through the adhesions. They were very dense and massive even 4 months after surgery, he said they looked like old ones look. So now I know I will have to have a open scar again, and the scar I have is Keloid on the outside, and it goes from the navel, I have no navel anymore, all the way down to the pubic area. I had 54 staples the last surgery, and it hurt like heck to get them out. He leaves them in longer to help the scar from forming keloid, and then they are too crusty, and it really hurts. I too have my gall bladder, and I will be 46 this year, they say that could be prime age for having trouble. I do have alot of burping and it goes all the way up. I have to take Maalox or something to help. Tonight my stomach is sore from BM today. Getting so dicouraged!

I think there are other things now popping up new with me, but I never have to time to talk aboutit!

Maybe I will try to talk about the symptoms I have from adhesions! Take care


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