pain clinic today

From: toni welsh (
Tue Feb 29 06:31:56 2000

I have an appt today to go to the pain clinic, I have been going now a year. They as I said have me on trazadone, Neurotin, and oxycontin. There are some times I do not have a bad day, but the days that are real good,are pretty few. Like I have said a few times lately I cannot find a rael relief from all of this, and the bowel problems are getting worse. I know that taking the narcotic and that trazadone are very constipating, and the senekot is raelly hurt the whole day, and very ill feeling too, where the day I take it to go, I seem to not be able to eat.

I sort of think that the meds are messing up my stomach, and I want them to try something else, but they have not wanted to do this, I am ready to give the pain clinic up b/c even my husband has said I am not getting alot better going to them. I am afraid to let them go tho, what if I get worse, and I have been told being on these meds could make it hard for the drs to treat the pain after surgery if I would go through it! I am so confused, and I have no one to talk to at home, my sister and I have had a falling out only because she too does not understand the pain I have had, and stopped asking how I am doing. Sometimes I think my family does not care! What would you do?

I know I have to leave in 3 hours but I am hoping to hear from some of you, just at the point I do not know where to turn,

Your friend I was also wondering how Karla N. is!


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