Re: Pain Clinic today

From: kay (
Tue Feb 29 10:45:16 2000

Toni, Just remember as I have found out that you do have friends here. I know how frustrated you feel at least you are going to the clinic for help. I have not started but plan to do so in March. I too, am having a bad day with pain and no one here understands what I am going thru except my husband but I don't want to wear him out so I don't say anything to anyone. When people ask me "How are you doing?", well I just say "I'm here and doing fair". But I do not say any more 'cause you are right people who have not gone thru this do not understand. I will pray for you today that God will give wisdom to the doctors to help you and that god will give you strength and endurance to handle the life he has given you.


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