How are you?

From: karen kaplan (
Tue Feb 29 11:26:10 2000

These days, when anyone asks me "How are you?", I smile and respond, "Thanks for asking." I hate to lie and found that to be one acceptable, polite option instead of telling the truth. Good luck, Kay and Toni!

>Toni, Just remember as I have found out that you do have friends here. I
>know how frustrated you feel at least you are going to the clinic for
>help. I have not started but plan to do so in March. I too, am having
>a bad day with pain and no one here understands what I am going thru
>except my husband but I don't want to wear him out so I don't say
>anything to anyone. When people ask me "How are you doing?", well I
>just say "I'm here and doing fair". But I do not say any more 'cause
>you are right people who have not gone thru this do not understand. I
>will pray for you today that God will give wisdom to the doctors to help
>you and that god will give you strength and endurance to handle the life
>he has given you.

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