Re: Adhesion Pain

Tue Feb 29 22:05:01 2000

Dana: Just a couple of suggestions that help me deal w/my pain/depression/anxiety: I listen to classical music to relax myself, it seems to make me less tense. Also, I was given one of those sound machines, you know w/the ocean, storms, babbling brooks, birds, summer nights (this also helps me sleep sometimes). I've also had some relief with Biofeedback induced by a Body Scan/Imagery tape (used w/a walkman for total sensation). I've been given Depakote (anti-anxiety) & it works real well so far. They have to take your blood level w/this drug to see right dosage is right for the individual. And, most of all, this forum REALLY helped me so much w/my mental problems everyone I know saw the difference! Good Luck & Blessed Be! Karla B.

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