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From: Joyce (
Fri Jun 2 08:02:17 2000

Hi Helen, I had 2 laprascopic surgeries. The first one was done by an endo specialist, he found no endo but did find adhesions on colon on left side. I do have a video tape of him cutting these down though he cuts the tape off saying "we are going to be here awhile" and then when it comes back on, the area looks all clean, adhesions gone. We don't know what caused them to begin with as I'd had no prior surgeries to this. My 2nd surgery was done by a different gyn (not a specialist, my bad). He did not prep me for bowel surgery, so I'm not even sure how far he looked. He said that he did not find any endometriosis... that was about all he ever said about the surgery. When not on b.c. pills, I do have heavy, painful periods. I have been taking levlite (b.c. pill) for the past couple of months and cramps and heavy bleeding got much, much better. Still had the pain in my back though on left side and pain when I urinate on left side groin area. I do not do b.c. pills well because while I'm on them I get very paranoid and anti-social. I stay holed up in my apartment and sometimes will not even answer the phone. Weird!!! Too weird, so this past week when it was time to start a new pack, I just couldn't do it. I would rather feel the physical pain than the mental anguish the b.c. pills seem to put me through every time I try them. Which has been several times... once took them for about 2 years which I had no life whatsoever during this time.... but at the time I did not realize that the b.c. pills were the cause. You can imagine the relief when I quit taking them and got back to my old self. But no dr. ever told me that they could affect you mentally in that way.... It seems the drug industry has a pretty good hold on our drs. I truly believe yesterday, if there had been a new med, proven to work, put on the market for adhesions... that's what I would have been diagnosed with... That is exactly what I believe! Hopefully someday for all our sakes this will happen and we will truly get a correct diagnosis, along with probably about 40% of the population with any kind of pain. Hey, maybe I should try Viagra! It seems to be the miracle cure for everything else... LOL Impotency you never really heard was much of a problem before Viagra, now it ranks right up there with high blood pressure... Anyway, thanks for the interest in my condition. I feel fortunate to have found this message board before going through with more surgeries with just any surgeon. BTW, how do you request copies of medical records. Just ask? I've been told they will only send them to a new physician if I change....

At Thu, 1 Jun 2000, Helen Dynda wrote: >
>I went back and read your earlier messages...hoping to get a more
>complete picture of what is causing your rectal bleeding and pain.
>You mentioned that you have had 2 prior surgeries. Were these surgeries
>done abdominally (laparotomy) or laparoscopically? Would you care to
>share why these surgeries were done?
>You mentioned that you were told that you did not have endometriosis.
>Have you ever been treated for endometriosis in the past? Do you
>experience increased pain when you have your period?
>Have you requested copies of your medical records from doctors you have
>been to? Have you requested copies of your surgical and pathological
>reports from Medical Records at the hospital(s) where your surgeries
>were done? You have a right to request and receive copies of all of
>these records. If a video was done of your surgery, you may be able to
>request a copy of that as well. All of these comprise your medical
>history. If you have not done this yet, I encourage you to do so.


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