Re: Joyce

From: Joyce (
Fri Jun 2 08:13:50 2000

Hi Sherry, thanks for the encouragement. It sure helps to know I'm not alone... The best medicine for me! I may not sound like it when I post my messages on here, as I'm usually venting my frustrations, but I seem to be handling all this much better since I've found people that truly understand.... Thanks!

At Fri, 2 Jun 2000, Sherry wrote: >
>I know how you feel. I understand that we need to have tests to rule
>out other problems. I've had every test in the book. After I had my
>colonoscopy, to which the doctor said everything looked fine, I ended up
>having surgery for intestinal adhesions and acute bowel obstructions! It
>was like pulling teeth to get the medical profession to listen to me. I
>also experience pain and fullness under my ribcage. From what I have
>read and what the doctors have said this is a symptom of intestinal
>adhesions. I have had several surgeries for them. I feel we know our
>bodies and we know when something is wrong. Hang in there, the symptoms
>you are having are real. Good luck, Sherry at


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