Re: Welcome Marla

From: Marla (
Sat Jun 3 02:48:26 2000

You are certainly welcome Nancy. I'll be interested to hear what your GP has to say after reviewing this information. It makes me furious to know that adhesions are sidestepped by the medical community. It does seem to strike women more than men but then we have more work done in the abdominal area (hysterectomies, C-sections) than men do so I guess it doesn't surprise me that a male dominate field has chosen to treat it so lightly. As my research continues I am hoping to find people who have had surgeries in other areas of the body which resulted in adhesions forming.

Blessings Marla

From: Nancy E. Hale

>I also checked out your website last night and had no problems at all.
>I would, however, like to thank you for posting your experiences on your
>site. I have printed MOST of it out, and am taking it back to the
>"experienced" general surgeon I saw on Tuesday who told me that "adhesions
>don't cause pain", and he believes I am suffering from irritable bowel
>syndrome. I am also taking it to my General Practitioner.
>Except for the hysterectomy, your story and mine are almost identical -
>adhesions lying dormant for years, then causing almost crippling pain. I
>actually walked about a quarter of a mile today, which is the farthest I
>have walked in months - even though it took me 20 minutes to do it when I
>used to walk a mile in 20 minutes.
>Again, thank you.

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