Re: Welcome Marla

From: Marla (
Sat Jun 3 03:08:48 2000

I'm so glad to hear you had good results with Intergel Joanne. Of the adhesion barrier products on the market, it does strike me as the most logical one to use. Rather than the "saran wrap" type. I believe I will have to have another surgery to remove the surgical staples that were left inside (I believe the are pinching nerves) and I will not let anyone do the procedure who does not have experience with these products. You give me hope.

Blessings Marla

>Hi Marla, The same thing happened to me. I was so scared when I could
feel >them growing up to my rib cage. It happened to me in about 10 weeks and
>then it stopped growing. The longer I had them inside of me the harder
they >got slowing me down more and more every day. Now I am 3 months post op and
>cured. There is a cure and it is called Intergel. I went to Germany to
get >it but you may find it in any country but ours possibly. Do not give up
>hope. Joanne

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