Re: adhesion barriers

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Sat Jun 3 03:19:08 2000



A method of reducing post-operative adhesion formation by topically applying an ionically crosslinked carboxyl-containing polysaccharide or a pharmacologically acceptable salt thereof, e.g. sodium hyaluronate crosslinked with ferric chloride, to a site of surgical trauma.

Where Seprafilm is a membrane, Intergel is a liquid. There are several brands of both products on the market. Not all have been FDA approved though, hence the need to go out of the country for Intergel. Hope this helps.

Blessings Marla

-----Original Message----- From: Sherry <> To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS <> Date: Friday, June 02, 2000 9:28 PM Subject: Re: adhesion barriers

>My surgeon used Seprafilm Bioresorbable Membrane my last open abdominal
>surgery. I know it is a barrier that may reduce the incidence,extent
>and severity of postoperative adhesions. I know Interceed is also a
>barrier. Is the intergel a barrier as well? I have read that it can be
>used during the laparoscopy. Thanks in advance, Sherry

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