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From: Marla (
Sat Jun 3 17:50:35 2000

Surgeons also complain that it's unwieldy like saran wrap. Gets entangled before they even have a chance to apply it. I'm hoping I will be able to control the pain well enough this summer to find out what we can do about getting Intergel approved. Dr. Wiseman has a very complete list of preventative products on the market. I'll dig a little deeper into it when I have more time.


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>Marla, I was told at UCLA by the "best" doctor that the trouble with the >film is that it does not adhere to a wet surface so as soon as the surgeon >closes you up it falls down as the area where the adhesions were cut is >oozing. It is a waste of time. I think we need to start something big >demanding the use of Intergel in our country! It is only a gel, not a drug. >For God's sake. I am sure that it is due to the fact they we haven't made a >big enough stink and as woman whe are not heard. I want to change this but >I do not know how. Joanne

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