Re: Pelvic Support Problems or Adhesions...

From: toni welsh (
Tue Jun 6 07:26:13 2000

At Mon, 5 Jun 2000, Rhonda wrote: >
>It's been awhile since I've posted. I was hoping to have a long period
>of no pain. I had pelvic adhesions operated on last October. The
>doctor told me at that time that they weren't as bad as she had
>expected. So now it's 9 months later and the pain is much, much worse
>than before. The pain feels like I've got really bad gas. The
>anti-inflammatories help somewhat but not enough. I also have
>interstitial cystitis which also may be playing a part but I don't think
>it's causing much of my problem. How long before the adhesions come
>back really badly? Also, I had gall bladder surgery in January and now
>have a vertical incision. Could that be contributing to the pelvic
>adhesions problem? Any ideas on why the pain is so bad so soon?

When I came home from the hospital in 98 after having 2 laparotomies in 5 months, I was laying in my bed and it was just over a week, and I told my husband I could feel the pulling and burning in the abdomen, and sure enough they were back. Pretty bad to go through all that surgery, and to have the pain start almost right away!

Like they all said, adhesions grow bak within hours of surgery, and right now I am pushing it off as long as I can.

I am scheduled for a bariun enema this Thursday, I have cancelled it twice already, I am really nervous about this test. I had it done MANY years ago, and as much pain as I am having now, this test really scares me. I will probably end up cancelling it again. Like the gyn and other drs said, most tests for constipation are inconclusive, I hope I have the nerve to get this test.

Take care all of you, your friend always!


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